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A noted public speaker, Singer has given keynote speeches and briefings at a diverse range of venues, including: The White House Situation Room, Pentagon, NSA, CIA, DIA, FBI, US Congress, the Royal Court of the UAE, Australian Parliament, TED, South by SouthWest, Microsoft Leadership Summit, Google, “Geek Week”, the “Mad Scientist” conference, Sydney Opera House, and the Festival of Dangerous Ideas.

Comments from Previous Speaking Events 

“Dr. P. W. Singer is considered widely to be the premier scholar on all things futuristic”
US Naval War College

“Peter W. Singer was a wonderful addition to our university lecture series. His presentation was engaging, thought provoking and a perfect fit to our conference theme of “Leading Today, Inspiring Tomorrow.” Our university leadership, trustees and fellows, graduate students, faculty and guests all found his lecture riveting.”
Event Planner, University

“Peter Singer told absorbing and challenging tales of the strategic surprise looking right at us.”
Army Leaders Event

“Peter Singer is a dynamic and thought-provoking speaker who encouraged our attendees to re-examine their approach to real world issues.”
GSO Foundation, Speaker Manager

“Dr. Peter W. Singer is a thoughtful and engaging speaker with incredible depth on issues like AI, emerging technology, and national security. Peter has a unique ability to make complex subjects accessible to diverse audiences. Indeed, showing how well his talks have gone off, we have invited him back multiple times, to speak to groups that range from summits of government and business leaders to executive education programs, to our diverse student audiences.” 
Organizer of the Florida AI Summit 

“The Sarasota Institute of Lifelong Learning hosts 24 speakers for our Global Issues lectures during the winter months each year.   Our attendees insist that Dr. Singer be invited back regularly.  We collect audience surveys for all of our first time speakers.  Dr Singer received one of our highest scores ever.  A representative comment was the following:  “Best public speaker! Clear context backed by great slides. So many other speakers drop their voices and we lose a great deal of what they say. It is not just about the subject, but how it is presented!!!”
“Dr Singer is easy to work with from the organizer’s standpoint, and absolutely reliable. This last year, he gave a talk on the complex, but important topic of AI and what we needed to know. He was not just informative but engaging. Indeed, it was the biggest single attendance we have had in three years post pandemic.”  And for a plus, he helped us think through some of the issues we were facing post pandemic, making an important contribution to how we are rebuilding our program.”
President SILL

“Peter was excellent, well received and extremely easy to work with…slightly terrifying – clearly brilliant and extremely knowledgeable and insightful”
Business Leaders conference organizer

“Singer’s presentation, titled NextTech: The Future of Technology, Security, and Threats, was engaging, energetic, and most importantly, thought provoking. The feedback from our audience was overwhelming. Peter received an average rating of 4.6/5 – the highest rated presentation of the conference….PW’s visual presentation materials were well planned and aesthetically pleasing. His speech posed difficult questions while still entertaining the crowd. PW’s demeanor and presentation style were an ideal kick-off to our event.”
Convention organizer for non-profit association

Audience evaluation report from RSA (pdf)

“Singer really showed us that we were only scratching the surface of what we should be thinking about in the future. After listening to him, we have never been able to look at the world the same way again.”
Head of Game Developer Studio

“You were awesome. I only worry that the students will expect this high quality in all my events. A good problem to worry about.”
University speaker series organizer

“Okay, I’m just going to be honest with you. I didn’t have much interest toward your presentation. I skimmed through one of your articles 10 minutes before you spoke to us. My plan was to secretly watch the March Madness while you talked to us, but with in the first three minutes I shut my MacBook because I was hooked. I learned a lot about the growth of technology over time, it was very interesting. And I have to give you props for keeping 200 high school students focused for more than an hour. After your presentation, I immediately started reading more of your articles. So thank you.”
High School Student

“Given the midshipmenÂ’s dense schedules and technological bent, required weekday lectures on ethics are sometimes a tough sell, but the response has been unprecedented! Best lecture ever has been the consistent feedback from students faculty, and staff alike.”
Director, US Naval Academy Center for Ethical Leadership

“Simply outstanding…One of our best sessions in recent memory. Both right and left seemed more than satisfied (could be a first!).”
Foreign affairs committee organizer

Your thoughts on changes in 21st century warfare and shifts in power bases were thought provoking and a key aspect in a very successful Summit! You helped facilitate important discussions that lasted throughout the week.
US Air Force Major General

“Outstanding feedback across the board–students, staff, faculty. Heard “best lecture ever” several times today from my students. Great job!” 
Conference Organizer

“Over the past several years, Dr. Singer has become a frequent and welcome guest here in our senior professional military education community. His unique insights bring great value to the thinking of our future senior leaders in the national security establishment, in what is invariably a highly rewarding learning experience.”
Commandant, National Defense University

“The group really enjoyed your talk and wished they could have spent more time with you (always a good sign for the program planner!). They were truly honored that an individual of your stature would share leadership insights with them. And, the real world experiences you shared reinforced the learning objectives of the course. Your presentation was a highlight of the course, and I hope you might continue to speak at our programs.” 
Executive Education course organizer

“The comments I’ve received so far are all positive, if not entirely enthusiastic. You left a real impact. In fact, don’t be surprised if we look for you again next year.” 
University Conference organizer

“Thank you for giving our group the best presentation we have ever had on a very timely topic.”
US Army Colonel

“Your talk was a big hit – and a week later the students are still wrestling with your comments.” 
Commandant of Air Force Institute of Technology

You were one of their favorite speakers by far – they were very interested in the information you presented, which was all new to them and got them energized for everything they would learn at the program. I couldn’t have asked for a better first speaker.
National High School Student Leader Conference Organizer

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