To Win the “War on Terror,” We Must First Win the “War of Ideas”: Here’s How
(link to pdf)
The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science
July 2008, p. 212-222

What Do You Call a Terror(Jihad)ist?
Brookings Institution
June 13, 2008

America’s New Leadership: Reboot and Restart
Special to’s Think Tank Town
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Engaging the Muslim World: A Communications Strategy for Winning the War of Ideas
(Translated into Arabic)
written with Hady Amr
Opportunity ’08 – A Project of Brookings In Partnership with ABC News
April 2007

America, Islam, and the 9-11 War(pdf)
Current History
December 2006

9/11 Plus 5: Hope Not Hate?
The Brookings Institution
September 7, 2006

War Names (pdf)
The Asian Age (New Delhi)
August 23, 2006

The 9-11 War Plus 5: Looking Back and Looking Forward at U.S.-Islamic World Relations (pdf)
(Link to html summary)
Brookings Institution
September 2006

Leaders Effect Change
Doha, Qatar

Science and Technology in U.S. Relations with the Islamic World
Executive Summary

Bridging the Divide
The Role of the American Muslim Community in U.S. Relations with the Wider Islamic World

Conference on Islamic Reform 10/5/2004The War on Terrorism: The Big Picture
Summer 2004

6 Guidelines to Improve American Public Diplomacy
written with Hady Amr
The Daily Star (Beirut)

U.S.-Islamic World Forum

The Crisis Within the Crisis
Al Jazeerah
August 2003

America Slams the Door (On Its Foot): Washington’s Destructive New Visa Policies
written with John N. Paden
Foreign Affairs
May 2003

Postscript: A New Model Afghan Army, Anja Manuel
Foreign Affairs
December 2002

2002 Doha Conference

Time for Hard Choices: The Dilemmas Facing U.S. Relations with the Islamic World
Analysis Paper #1
October 2002

A New Model Afghan Army
written with Anja Manuel
Foreign Affairs
July 2002

Iraq Can Wait Till Phase 1 is Done
The Baltimore Sun

Now What?
St. Louis Post-Dispatch